Those who uphold the theory of 'race' and deny the influence of environment on the development of the human being should spend a year in prison and observe themselves daily in a mirror.

--Arthur Koestler, Spanish Testament

Issue 2006.07

Short stories


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Welcome all and sundry to the glorious seventh issue of The Future Fire, a magazine now filled with new colour, a veritable motley and diverse crew of writers, artists, and critics, renewed vigour, and a professional attitude. Yes, everything is bigger and better this month: more stories, more art, and as of this issue, all the fiction is paid for!

So three offerings from the fiction department this quarter: Michael Loughrey's darkly comic and surreal ‘Omega, maybe’, Barbora P.'s heart-rending supernatural romance ‘The Dark One's Cry’, and Sarah Ann Watts' bleak and imaginative vision of the digital future in ‘Looking Glass Vacation’. No non-fiction this time round, but several reviews of small press books, magazines, and audio stories from our reviews team.

...more editorial crap...

No, enough of the editorial—this issue has been delayed enough already. Go ahead and enjoy the fiction and artwork, be tantalised (or warned off) by the reviews section, and above all, get involved, get in touch, and tell us what you think. 2007 promises to be a year of change and growth. Stay tuned.

December 2006

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