To invent stories about a world other than this one has no meaning at all, unless an instinct of slander, belittling, and suspicion against life is strong in us: in that case, we avenge ourselves against life with a phantasmagoria of another, a better life.
(F. Nietzsche, Götzen-Dämmerung)

 [ Issue 2014.30: cover art © 2014 ... ] The Future Fire is open to submissions of beautiful and useful short stories of Social-political and Progressive Speculative Fiction; Feminist SF; Queer SF; Eco SF; Multicultural SF; Cyberpunk. An experiment in and celebration of new writing, we shall publish issues whenever we have enough stories to fill them, approximately four times a year.

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Accessing the Future call for stories: a disability-themed anthology co-edited by Kathryn Allan.

We See a Different Frontier anthology, co-edited by Fabio Fernandes, on sale in print and e-book (review copies available).

Outlaw Bodies anthology, co-edited by Lori Selke, on sale in print and e-book.

Current Issue: 2014.30 featuring fiction by Melinda Brasher, David Gallay, Carol Holland March, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo and Ranylt Richildis; artwork from Laura-Anca Adascalitei, Eric Asaris, Lou Badillo, Lisa Grabenstetter and Cécile Matthey.

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